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Vangie Wightman
Director of Architecture Review
(530) 550-2990

Architecture Review
The Ultimate Design Expression
Martis Camp Architecture Review embraces creativity and diversity in home design, while working with owners, architects and builders to ensure that each proposed home is appropriate for its site and compatible with its surroundings. This partnership shares a common goal: the realization of a unique, well-crafted design solution for each property, without overstepping the reasonable limits afforded by this expanded opportunity for design expression.

The result of this vision is a community with architectural expression unlike any other. From a contemporary home with copper barrel roofs to a rustic cabin of reclaimed trestle-wood to a state-of-the-art family compound with solar and Powerwall systems, Martis Camp embodies inspired mountain architecture.

For more information, contact Director of Architecture Review Vangie Wightman.

Architecture Review Fees
The fees listed are required to initiate a residential project. Additional fees may be incurred during the process of construction, completion, landscaping and remodeling. Contact Architecture Review for the full list of fees.

Estate Sites
$5,000 Architecture Review Fee, due at Conceptual Review
$10,000 Construction Administration Fee, due at Pre-Construction

Cabin Sites
$3,000 Architecture Review Fee, due at Conceptual Review
$6,000 Construction Administration Fee, due at Pre-Construction

All Sites
$10,000 Construction Deposit, due from the homebuilder at Pre-Construction
(Refundable upon completion, minus any violations)

Architecture Review Process

  • Geotechnical Survey and Statement
  • Pre-Design meeting on the site with the architect
  • Conceptual Design submittal and review
  • Preliminary Design submittal and review
  • Final Design submittal and review
  • Pre-Construction meeting on site with the homebuilder
  • Construction
  • Landscape design submittal and review
  • Final Release

Architecture Review Forms
Our Architecture Handbook provides important and insightful information about building a home in our mountain environment.  Our review forms outline all requirements at each phase of the design process, and approved vegetation lists offer guidance for landscaping in keeping with the native vegetation of the Eastern Sierra. Please note our construction hours and holidays, keeping in mind that Sundays are quiet on site, with no construction or access permitted.

Architecture Review Handbook

Architecture Review Forms

Approved Vegetation Lists

2024 Construction Hours & Holidays