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Martis Camp Gatehouse
Office: (530) 550-6100

Scott Bower
MCCA General Manager
(530) 550-2990 ext. 1005

Martis Camp Community Association
The Martis Camp Community Association (MCCA) is governed by a Member-elected Board. The MCCA manages community security (including residential House Watch and Alarm Monitoring programs), emergency preparedness, forestry and defensible space, roads and their replacement reserves, community landscaping and snow removal, and Architecture Review for residential projects.

Gatehouse Operations
Martis Camp Gatehouse operations commenced July 20th, 2008. We staff the Gatehouse 24-hours a day, seven days a week, and actively conduct safety and security patrols for Martis Camp Members and guests.

Gatehouse staff experience ranges from law enforcement, private business management, military service and work within various trades. We have assembled a diverse staff who will provide you with the best possible service as a Member or guest of our community. If you have questions or need assistance, please stop by the Gatehouse or contact us.

Patrolling Our Community
Gatehouse staff actively patrol the community to assist those in need, ensure compliance with Martis Camp’s CC&Rs and complete House Watch/Alarm Monitoring checks. Our patrol vehicles are equipped with first-aid supplies including an Automated External Defibrillator (AED), jumper cables and fire extinguishers. Most of the staff are certified in CPR and basic first-aid, with others in the process of being trained.

Martis Camp Rules & Regulations
Our rules and regulations cover all aspects of community membership and apply to everyone who lives, visits or works within the Martis Camp community.

A pass is required for entry into Martis Camp. Only supervisors may pick up employee passes at the Gatehouse. To apply for a Vehicle Access Pass, fill out and submit our online form.

Martis Camp is located in a beautiful setting requiring standards of stewardship and environmental practices. Please help us to maintain this unique setting by doing the following:

  • Parking passes MUST be displayed at all times while on MC property. Passes MUST match the license plate, or the pass will be pulled and the vehicle will not be allowed access. Pulled or lost passes require a $20 fee for replacement or re-issue.
  • Observe the 25 mph speed limit in the community, and 15 mph approaching the gatehouse and roundabouts.
  • Only park on paved or stabilized areas, keeping tires free of dirt and mud. Driving and parking on soil may create “off-tracking” which may negatively impact water quality.
  • Vehicles should be in good repair and should NOT be leaking ANY fluids.
  • Park ALL vehicles and equipment on one side of the road to allow safe passage for vehicular circulation and emergency access. During winter months, vehicles may need to be moved from one side of the road to the other so that the plow service may access and plow both sides of the road.
  • DO NOT park in front or within 10 feet of fire hydrants or 20 feet from any stop sign or intersection.
  • Only access construction sites from future or current driveways.
  • Parking passes are job-specific and should be returned to the gatehouse upon completion of the job, as well as employee terminations.
  • Keep a neat site and remove ALL food/beverage containers on a daily a basis as wild animals may be attracted to food left on-site.
  • Keep pets at home! Pets are not allowed on Martis Camp property.
  • Be respectful of noise. Radios shall not be audible past the property line where the work is being done.
  • Digging may only occur between May 1st and October 15th unless otherwise approved by Martis Camp and Placer County.
  • All contractor-approved work hours are posted on the back of the issued passes or can be obtained through the Gatehouse.

2023 and 2024 Schedules of Construction Hours and Holidays 

View and download files here:

2023 Construction Hours & Holidays

2024 Construction Hours & Holidays